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Our team strives to make sure our licensed and certified Physical Therapists provide patients with the highest quality service available.

Our approach is based upon the functional model and the dynamic use of manual medicine into rehabilitation. Our sessions aim to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible!


Physical Therapy is a type of healthcare focused on patient mobility and rehabilitation. Physical Therapists evaluate based on the injury and create a comprehensive treatment plan. A typical appointment involves basic exercises, stretches, heart rate monitoring and other advanced techniques including Massage Therapy and Laser Therapy.

These services are often ordered after a serious injury by a physician;  however, they are also used for physical rehabilitation after surgery, pregnancy, stroke and even to manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes. The main goal is to regain basic strengths, balance and assist in healing efforts.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Our Therapists Work To:

  • Reduce pain, muscle spasm, and tenderness, inflammation, and swelling

  • Increase range of motion, joint and soft tissue mobility, muscle strength, and muscle flexibility

  • Improve posture, gait, coordination, static/dynamic stability, and balance

  • Achieve optimal levels of function and mobility, pain-free



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