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Both pre-operative conditioning & post-operative care are essential to a successful surgery but also to the healing process that takes place following surgery.

This conditioning allows your body and mind to be prepare for surgery and healing. Operative care varies depending on the patient and the surgery. Many times preoperative conditioning includes a cardiological stress-test, but it can include specialized physical therapy exercise to help minimize the negative side-effects of surgery as well as lessen the recovery time.

Studies show that just one preoperative physical therapy session prior to knee or hip surgery can reduce postoperative care by 29%. This not only gets the patient on their feet faster, but also saves the patient money in postoperative care.


Pre-operative Conditioning

During your appointment, a physical therapist will asses your condition and create a plan to ensure that your surgery and your recovery go as smoothly as possible.

Preoperative conditioning and rehabilitation are essential in prepping for surgery. Strengthening and adding stability to the surrounding musculature will help speed recovery time and tissue healing. The improvement of exercise therapy for muscle strength before an operation and within the first month after an operation is an important measure in the effectiveness of surgery.

Post-operative Care

Postoperative care is also an important part of your healing process. Because all surgeries are different, physical therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Fort Lee will create a customized plan to get you back on your feet and fully recovered as quickly as possible.

Postoperative care is necessary following surgeries such as knee replacements, hip surgeries, and other physically disabling procedures. In order to regain strength in these areas following surgery, you must remain active. We can help you remain active, gain strength and balance, and get back on your feet as fast as possible!



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